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Company Background and History

Crestpoint Ophthalmics is your source for premium surgical devices. We support you with our superb reputation of finding the best products for your needs.

We deliver devices to you for ophthalmology, both reusable and disposable. Our reputation is proven time and again through our total commitment to your satisfaction. We provide over 5,000 exclusive products to choose from including Duckworth & Kent (D&K), Geuder, MANI, Sterimedix and Biosyntrx. Thank you for visiting our website and for your loyal business!

GDPR Compliance

We strive to be in compliance with the new 2018 GDPR regulations. Our email marketing is managed via MailChimp. The MailChimp system is GDPR compliant. The recipients of our email marketing campaigns have signed up with our customer service department or on one of our websites. Persons on our contact list may removed or unsubscribed, and can manage their subscriptions and preferences by contacting Crestpoint Ophthalmics, or via user controls included in the footer of each of our MailChimp emails. If you have questions about GDPR personal information please contact us at or phone 314-849-7773.