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Your source for 5,000+ hand-held instruments, instrument repair service, repair/replacement program, custom instruments and disposable instruments. Crestpoint has an excellent reputation for service, quality, and finding the best products for your needs. We will research, cross reference any/all products you need. Our top priority is superb customer service to you, coupled with our premium surgical devices. Additional product information is available in our Mr. Phaco and Mr. Femto brochures.

Duckworth & Kent®
Original manufacturer of titanium surgical instruments for ophthalmology. With over 55 years in design and manufacture of hand-held surgical instruments, Duckworth & Kent is known throughout the world for quality and innovation. Titanium instruments are light weight, non-magnetic and anodized to reduce glare under the microscope. Duckworth & Kent products are sold in the Americas exclusively through Crestpoint Management.

Leading manufacturer of high quality surgical instruments for ophthalmic surgery, anterior and posterior segment, founded in 1951. It has always been the maxim of Geuder to guarantee the highest degree of precision and reliability. Geuder products are sold in the USA exclusively through Crestpoint Management.

MANI, from Japan and founded in 1956, specializes in disposable knives for ophthalmology. The first element of value offered by MANI is to provide the safest surgical products. MANI defines quality by two aspects: safety and mechanical properties that respond to the demanding needs of ophthalmologists. Mechanical properties include sharpness, strength and suppleness. MANI has developed a unique manufacturing process and a stainless steel that features a unique chemical composition; both of which contribute to the safety and high performance of their products.

Complete range of single use surgical devices for ophthalmic surgery. Procedures covered include cataract, refractive, vitreoretinal, lacrimal surgery. Sterimedix products are sold in the USA exclusively through Crestpoint Management.

Safe, evidence-based nutritional formulations that support optimal health-specifically the exquisitely engineered functions of the eyes, which reveal some of the earliest signs of degeneration affecting the entire body. Biosyntrx formulations are designed to address the micronutrient needs of the dry eye, cataract, macula degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy patient.